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With every repair, your shop’s reputation is on the line. So when a repair requires you to choose an alternative in refinish products, choose Finish Pro.

Finish Pro is a high quality brand of refinishing products from masking paper
and solvents to primers and clears. Each product will deliver consistent performance as a result of rigorous guidelines followed in the manufacturing process. This means you can use Finish Pro with confidence.

All Finish Pro solvents, refinishing primers and clears are made with formulations that are equivalent to those of the major paint manufacturers at a fraction of the price. This provides you proven compatibility with most paint systems while saving money on the repair process.

Each Finish Pro product carries a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Quality products at the right price. That is the value that Finish Pro can deliver.

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Finish Pro is distributed by:
Liberty Bell Equipment, Inc.
St. Louis, MO 63106

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